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Walter is Betty's boyfriend at the start of the series. He is played by Kevin Sussman. Originally Walter was a recurring character on the series, but became a regular after the thirteenth episode. However, although Sussman is listed in the series' first season credits as a regular cast member, his character has not appeared in the series since the fifteenth episode. Walter's character is equivalent to Nicolas Mora, Betty's equally not-so-attractive friend.


Walter is Betty's on-again/off-again boyfriend. He works at Pro-Buy, a Circuit City type electronics store and is a whiz at fixing equipment.

Initially, Betty and Walter were a couple (and had been during their high school years) until he dumped Betty for Gina Gambarro, who would use him just to get a discount on a TV Betty unknowingly breaks. After that, Betty decided not to take Walter back, even though Walter will do whatever it takes to make things right again.

Walter, however tends to be possessive of her. And suspected Betty's boss Daniel is trying to steal Betty away from him, and is expected to have competition from a new guy Betty has a crush on, Henry. It should also be noted despite his infidelity Walter is well liked by Betty's family, but his constant overprotective behavior towards Betty has her questioning whether she should continue the relationship with him, now she knows that he is jealous of any guy trying to be in a relationship with her. That has resulted in Walter stalking Betty at every opportunity, as evidenced in the episode "Swag."

Walter finally ends up dumping Betty in the episode "Brothers" after he accepted a job offer as the manager at a new Pro-Buy in Maryland. Knowing he and Betty are drifting apart and wasn't meant to be a couple any longer, Walter tells her he is taking the job, and they have their final kiss.


In early focus groups, Walter was not well-received by viewers. Many of them felt he was whiny and increasingly unlikeable. Even the critics agreed to the point that the character was annoying and did not serve any point plotwise. Also many liked Henry, and wanted Walter out of the picture to advance the Henry-Betty storyline. This could be a reason for why the character was written out of the show.
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