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Walter is a former main character on the first season of Ugly Betty. He was originally a recurring character on the series but was listed in the series' first season credits as a regular cast member after the thirteenth episode. Despite this, his character has not appeared in the series since the fifteenth episode. He is portrayed by Kevin Sussman.


Walter is Betty's on-again/off-again boyfriend. He works at Pro-Buy, a Circuit City type electronics store and is a whiz at fixing equipment.

Initially, Betty and Walter were a couple (and had been during their high school years) until he dumped Betty for Gina Gambarro, who would use him just to get a discount on a TV Betty unknowingly breaks. After that, Betty decided not to take Walter back.

After the breakup, Walter seemed willing to do whatever it took to get Betty back, but he often tended to be possessive of her. He believed that Betty's boss Daniel was trying to steal Betty away from him, and was also suspicious of her friendship with an accountant at Mode, Henry. Despite the fact she was beginning to have feelings for him, she stopped spending time with him in order to appease Walter.

Despite his infidelity, Walter is well liked by Betty's family, and they urged her to get back together with him, often blaming her if things went wrong. She chooses to listen to them and gets back together with him, but his constant overprotective behavior and jealousy caused her to question whether she should continue the relationship with him. Their relationship finally ended in the episode "Brothers" after he accepted a job offer as the manager at a new Pro-Buy in Maryland. Knowing he and Betty are drifting apart and weren't meant to be a couple any longer, Walter tells her he is taking the job, and they have their final kiss before he left.


In early focus groups, Walter was not well-received by viewers. Many of them felt he was whiny and increasingly unlikeable. Even the critics agreed that the character was annoying, and did not serve any point plot-wise. Also, many liked Henry, and wanted Walter out of the picture to advance the Henry-Betty storyline. This could be a reason for why the character was written out of the show.


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