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This article is about Victoria Beckham as a character on Ugly Betty. You may be looking for Victoria Beckham.

Oh, my god, it's perfect spice.
Marc describing Victoria, A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding

Victoria Beckham is a special guest star who appeared in A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding on Ugly Betty. This fictionalized version of herself is portrayed the real Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham.

Throughout the series[]

Season 2[]

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Victoria during Bradelmina's wedding interview.

In A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding, Victoria, Wilhelmina's maid of honor, is being interviewed by reporters about the upcoming Bradelmina (nicknamed by Justin) wedding. Wilhelmina, who is watching the interview on a TV at MODE, is annoyed about Victoria's constant hand waving, stating that everyone knows she can raise her arm. Marc remarks by commenting on how the Beckhams have conquered America.

Victoria is asked by a reporter how long she has known Wilhelmina to which she responded by saying the two friends have known each other long enough for her to consider Wilhelmina as a second mother. Wilhelmina is insulted by the subtle jab at her older age status, and Marc tries to diffuse the situation by stating it is a British expression about "mum" being a flower. The reporter then asks what Victoria would give the couple. She appears to hint a heartfelt gift at first but ended up giving them a year's worth supply of Beckham's 24/7 energy drink.

She can later be seen on the Suarezs' TV when Fashion TV aired her feeding ducks at Central Park.


Oh, Willie and I go way back. She's practically my second mum.
Victoria answering a reporter's question, A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding



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