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What I’m about to tell you is a very sad story.

Ok, this story will start about a week before January 31, 2012. I was taken to a doctor because I wasn’t feeling right, well the doctor figured out that I was suffering from depression, he prescribed me anti-depressants. I was taking the meds every day in the morning, my parents noticed that after a few days of taking the meds that I seemed happier, but I was hiding a terrible secret from them. After the third day I was taking my meds, I was on a social network site and I got into a very bad fight with someone from my school, over a stupid comment. Well after a few minutes he threatened to beat me up and his friends made fun of me and called me names. I decided to get off so I didn’t do anything I would regret. When I walked down to my room, what they said to me, about me and threatened to do to me, was working its way around my head. I sat on my bed and thought really hard about it, and after a few minutes of thinking I decided that I was going to kill myself, I came up with the plan. I will tell you what I did during my planning, but if you can’t handle it don’t read it. Every night after the bad night, I would sit in my bed and cut my writs with my knives, drawing blood every time. January 30, 2012: I told someone on a social network chat what I have been doing, they told me to instead of cutting to pray to god and ask him to help me find the right the courage to tell someone in real life, someone I see regularly. So the next day, 1-31-12, I went to my principles office and told him what I was contemplating, he talked to me for a few minutes then he took me to guidance to talk to a counselor for a few more minutes, after that they took me to someone and I talked to them about why I felt like this, how I got to feel like this and what was going to happen. The person drove me home after a few hours and he talked to my parents and me and suggested that I go to a hospital immediately; I was taken to the hospital and stayed there for 8 hours, under suicide watch. After the eight hours I was then taken to a suicide treatment center, a place which I stayed three days, I got out two days before my birthday. I’ve been on the straight and narrow ever since I left the treatment center, well I did slip up once but I quickly ended that. After being out I found new courage in myself and I admitted to my parents that I was bisexual, they accepted the idea and they said “We still love you no matter what.”, which made me very happy. With this new found courage I have found out that there is more to life than being sad all the time, there’s happiness and enjoyment in life, that’s what I wasn’t seeing, but now I see it more clearly.

This has been a life story

From the guy that has been through a lot

Bradley Theodore Herrell

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