Spoilers are details about a story that reveal elements of the plot. Some people enjoy watching movies and TV shows with absolutely no prior knowledge, and feel that hearing any details beforehand "spoils" their enjoyment of the narrative. Other people love "spoilers", and go out of their way to find out everything they can in advance, because it helps to fuel their anticipation.

Therefore, on a website like this, we have to figure out a balance. It's impolite to interfere with the enjoyment of watching a TV show. On the other hand, if we were strict about never revealing any plot details, this would turn out to be a very bland, sparse wiki.


  • Spoiler warnings are essential for information about upcoming episodes that haven't aired in the US. This is the one area where you have to post warnings. To add a spoiler warning to an article page, you can add this template: {{spoiler}}.
  • Spoiler warnings about recent episodes are a courtesy, but aren't required. If an episode has aired but you haven't watched yet, beware! There might be spoilers.
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