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Ugly Betty Wiki is a collaborative website about the hit ABC series starring America Ferrera as Betty Suarez.

Smash-hit US comedy drama. In the superficial world of high fashion, image is everything. How can an ordinary girl - a slightly plump plain Jane from Queens - possibly fit in?

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Willie & Marc "Hit me like a man you pansy"

Willie & Marc "Hit me like a man you pansy"

Wilhelmina and Marc go at it in their most violent catfight yet!



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Christina McKinney
Christina is a Scottish immgrant, who came to be a designer. She met Betty and the two quickly became instant best friends. She was revealed to have been married, to Stuart McKinney. She left him though mainly due to his constant drug
abuse, later he returned and reconciled with her and revealed he had liver failure. Desperate for money, she agrees to be the surrogate mother for Wilhelmina. Then soon gives birth to William "Will" Stuart McKinney. However it becomes obvious that neither William nor Wilhemna are bonding. (read more)

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