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Tyler Meade-Hartley
Model, Bartender
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S1 - S2 - S3 - S4
Claire Meade (mother)
Cal Hartley (father)
Victoria Hartley (step-mother)
Matt Hartley (half-brother)
Daniel Meade (half-brother)
Alexis Meade (half-sister)
Daniel Meade Jr. (half-nephew)
Molly Meade (half-sister-in-law)
Betty Suarez (future half-sister-in-law)
Tyler was Daniel, Alexis and Matt Hartley's Half Brother. He is the son of Cal Hartley and Claire Meade. He worked as a model for Mode. Claire Meade put Tyler up for adoption in South Dakota. He lived there until Claire Meade went to find him and left to New York to know more about his biological family. Him and Amanda Tanen Sommers became good friends and this made Daniel jealous. Claire didn't tell him about his real dad, Calvin Hartley because she promised Cal that she would never let him know who he was, since Cal thought that once Tyler knew he had money, he would be after his fortune. Wilhelmina Slater took advantage of Tyler by posing as a recovering alcoholic in one of Tyler's AA meetings. She became his sponsor, but only to try and get to the Meade fortune. Tyler is a recovering alcoholic and gets really out of control when he drinks. When he found out that Claire lied to him about his father, he drank heavily and while at Wilhelmina's apartment, he found her gun. He went to Mode one night and Wilhelmina was trying to warn Claire that Tyler was dangerous. Wilhelmina stood in front of Claire to try and take the gun from Tyler, but he accidentally shot her. On the last episode of season 4, Wilhelmina at a press conference doesn't accuse him of shooting her as he stands along Claire and Daniel.
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