Amanda makes a vlog about an egg-salad and a salami, thus forgetting about her friend-iversary with Marc.


  • Amanda is making a decision whether to eat a egg-salad or a salami sandwich .
  • It's Amanda's and Marc's "friend-iversary".
  • They reveal secrets of each other.


At 8:53 PM, Amanada is found at the MODE reception desk. She is making a video blog on what she saw Betty do earlier, she was choosing whether to have the "slightly dependable but if boring egg salad sandwich" in the right hand and in the other, the "little cute tiny Italian salami sub".

Before she can reveal which sandwich Betty had chosen, Mark interupts and tells her it's their "friend-iversary". Confused, Amanda tells him to "get out here" as she is "busy working". Asking her what could be more important than their friend-iversary, she replies that she is doing a vlog as well as telling him to get out of the shot of the camera as he is to "shiny". Annoyed at this remark he reveals Amanda's secret, and go back and forth, until they begin fighting.

In the end, Amanda remembers their friend-iversary and tells him that this was what they were doing last year. Marc, hungry, asks Amanda if she has any food in which takes out the two sandwiches she had earlier on. He says "tough choice" and finally decide to share them both together. Marc asks her, "still besties?" to which she replies, "forever".

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  • The uncertainty of which sandwich to have is a reference to Betty's choice to choose from two love interests: egg-sald being Henry and salami being Gino.
  • Ultimately, both Marc and Amanda have both sandwiches reflecting Betty's choice of not choosing both her love interests.


  • Even though a sound is heard when Marks slaps Amanda in the face, there is hardly a given reaction from her.


  • This episodes uses a lot of literary techniques, asides from the obscure meanings, it features of lot of word play which includes "Friend-iversary" and "Vlog". Both played on the words friend anniversary and video blog.
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