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Sofia is a popular author of books that help to empower women. Her latest best-sellers are "Girls Like it on Top" and "Making Your Man a Bottom."

Character HistoryEdit

Sofia is the first member of her family to graduate college. She speaks five languages, rides a motorcycle, enjoys shooting pool, and has a bullet lodged in her hip from a hunting mishap. When Daniel first saw Sofia he was struck by an immediate attraction to her, but he was surprised to learn that she was to be named Managing Editor of Meade Publications' next magazine, MYW, which would be launching in January of 2007.

Season 1Edit

Sofia had fun making Daniel squirm for a while, but then the two became closer, despite the fact that she was involved with a guy named Hunter. It turned out that Sofia was just using Daniel for her magazine's premiere issue cover story, "From Fling to Ring in 60 Days."

Daniel was humiliated on live TV, since he didn't know she was just using him for her magazine story. To add insult to injury, she gave him back his engagement ring while the show was still airing. She tried to explain her actions and did say that Daniel is a terrific guy and she saw more of him than she gave credit. It didn't make him feel any better or less humiliated. Claire was somewhat shocked by seeing this on TV but took a long hard drink, as she was no stranger to heartache or humiliation with romance. Bradford was enraged and wanted to fire her, but Daniel refused saying she was just doing her job. Even Wilhelmina, for a brief moment felt sorry for Daniel, since she herself just experienced heartache.

Betty was very disgusted by the means Sofia went and quit, returning to Daniel and MODE, despite Sofia admitting to her that she really did believe in Betty's capabilities and still wanted to work for her. Betty answered her that maybe she was better off in Mode, as people there maybe shallow but at least they admit her, unlike others who pretend to be more of who they really are. But Sofia didn't quite get to go unpunished, at least where Amanda's concerned. The next morning, Sofia found herself in the elevator with Amanda, whom Daniel had a brief affair with. Amanda, still angered that she had hurt Daniel, gave Sofia her wrath by repeatedly hitting her with her purse all the way down the elevator.
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