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Brighter. Bolder. Bettyer.
— Slogan for Season 2

The second season of the American dramedy television series Ugly Betty started on September 27, 2007 in the United States and Canada and including a long, mid-season hiatus ran until May 22, 2008. The second part of the season began airing April 24, 2008. Due to the fan base gained in the UK, Channel 4 bought the UK rights to Season 2 so they could begin airing it only a week later than the USA. Due to the Writer's Strike of 2007, Ugly Betty went on a hiatus in the UK after the airing of episode "Bananas for Betty" (Episode 10). Channel 4 announced that Ugly Betty would return towards the end of 2008 and when it returned on 5 September 2008, received 2.93 million viewers (12.9% share), according to overnight figures, which is a strong figure for Channel 4. The season would be the last season to be produced in Los Angeles before the show confrimed that it will move to New York City to complement the show's setting in the next and last seasons. The season also has two promotional music videos one for Mika and the other for Gavin DeGraw.


  • Season 2 was originally slated to have a total of 24 episodes, but due to the Writers Guild of America strike, it had 18 episodes with the last five written and produced following the strike's end
  • Season 2 marked the last time the show would film in Lost Angeles before filming in New York for the remainder of the series.


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