Rosa Suarez
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Ignacio Suarez (Widower)

Hilda Suarez (Daughter)
Betty Suarez (Daughter)
Justin Suarez (Grandson)
Mirta Suarez (Sister-In-Law)

Bobby Talercio (Son-in-Law)
Rosa Suarez was Wife of Ignacio Suarez, Mother of Hilda and Betty Suarez and later Grandmother of Justin Suarez.


Before she married Ignacio Suarez, Betty and Hilda's mother Rosa had been married to a man named Ramiro Vasquez. Ignacio worked on the Vasquez hacienda as the family's cook and he witnessed many instances of the spousal abuse that Ramiro inflicted upon Rosa. One night after another night of her husband's abuse, she went down into the kitchen and saw Ignacio. And a spark lit between them and they became involved in a secret affair. One day, while defending Rosa from her husband's abuse, Ignacio accidentally killed Ramiro, or so he thought for over thirty years. Rosa and Ignacio, who had fallen in love by this time, decided to marry and move to the United States to start their new lives and a new family together. Rosa died in 2004 at around age 50.

Although dead she still remained strong in the memory of her family and children.[[Category:Decea
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