Nick Pepper
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Assistant to Alexis Meade
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Nick is Alexis's assistant. The first time they met, this perpetual frat boy told Daniel that he was his role model. Nick and Amanda immediately became adversaries, particularly because he wasn't interested in going out with her. Amanda tried to undermine Nick's position with Alexis every chance that she got. Nick also disliked Betty, who had once taken his yogurt and cherry pie out of the office's shared refrigerator. Henry once challenged Nick to defend Betty's honor, but Nick played dirty, wounding both Henry and Betty in the process. During a paintball war between Alexis and Daniel over the ownership of Mode, Nick was hit by Amanda. However, during their battle they suddenly had a moment of passion and began to make out. Even after Alexis shot Amanda, meaning Alexis's team was winning.[[Category:Season 2 Characte
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