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Shortly after Molly 's death, Daniel attended a bereavement support group meeting and met Natalie. At the time, Natalie was trying to deal with the recent death of her boyfriend, Robbie. Daniel and Natalie quickly bonded and he soon hired her to be his new assistant, to replace Betty after she was promoted to Associate Features Editor. Natalie soon lured Daniel into a cult-like group that she belonged to called The Community of the Phoenix. It was their that the leader of the group, Bennett, promised them both that they'd both be able to reunite with their loved ones.

When Daniel gives the group apparent control over Mode, Bennett informs them both that they're ready for Level 7; a ceremony that he's promised will let them see their departed lovers. A procedure that Betty's ex-boyfriend Matt says is very dangerous, to which he recalls someone almost died from it. Molly was told to call Daniel away, leaving Betty, Amanda , and Mrs. Meade going looking all over for them.

Bennett had taken them to a private apartment building, where he gave them dangerous drugs (in a drink) that causes hallucinations. Making them sit in front of each other, thus while under the drug's affects Daniel would see Natalie as Molly and Natalie would see Daniel as Robbie. However, Betty, with Matt's help, found out where they were.

She and Mrs. Meade reached Daniel, who was still under the drug's affects, and stopped the apparent Level 7. During which, Daniel realized that Molly wasn't really there and sadly said his good-bye to her. He kissed "Molly" good-bye, when he awoke he realized it was Betty. Natalie had been pulled aside as she was still suffering some bad affects from the drugs, Bennett gave them. Angered, Bennett tried taking both Natalie and Daniel away, but Daniel refused. Daniel had tried talking Natalie into leaving the cult, but Natalie admitted she wasn't strong enough to get over Robbie on her own.

Showing how dependent and vunerable she was, she decides to leave with Bennett, despite Daniel's pleas. She's most likely still in the Community of the Phoenix.

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