Molly Meade
Kindergarten Teacher
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Daniel Meade (Widower)
Connor Owens (Ex-Fiance)
Claire Meade (Former Mother-in-Law)
Bradford Meade (Former Father-in-Law)
Alexis Meade (Former Sister-in-Law) Tyler Meade-Hartley (Former-Half-Brother-in-Law)
Daniel Meade Jr. (Nephew)
Molly Meade, was a kindergarten teacher whom was once engaged to Connor Owens but married Daniel Meade. She sadly passed away due to cancer, at the end of season three.


Very little is known about Molly's life before Daniel, not even her maiden name.  She apparently was already a kindergarten teacher when she met Connor, as inferred from a snobbish remark of Wilhelmina's, when she expresses surprise that an exceptionally talented man like Connor would be with a teacher.  Molly and Connor were together for several years, and traveled widely together, often to exotic, less developed locales.  Because of these experiences, the country of Tibet is very important to Molly, and Daniel scatters half of her ashes there (after deciding he wanted to keep her with him always, yet he couldn't disregard her last wishes).

Season 3Edit

Molly was first seen in the Episode Tornado Girl. At the time she was engaged to Connor Owens, but after meeting Daniel Meade. Even though she tried, she couldn't hide her instant connection to Daniel. She ended up leaving Connor and getting with Daniel. They were a perfect couple. Previously Daniel had been known as a "manwhore." But that all changed when he met Molly: she made him a better person. Sadly, Molly's cancer, which she had struggled with and triumphed over in the past, later returns.

Daniel married Molly, after which Molly collapsed, revealing her illness. Despite this, their life together was good for a time. Molly would joke, bittersweetly, with Daniel, about his life after her death: it was as if she was obsessed with who he was going to be with, once she was gone. Molly eventually admitted that she thought everyone would forget about her once she was gone. Daniel told her that he would never forget about her and made sure no one else would, by featuring her on the Wedding Issue of MODE.

Daniel won a MAMA award for his wedding issue. During his speech, he thinks that he sees Molly in the audience, watching him, smiling. In fact, it is her ghost, as she had just passed away. Daniel rushes to the house where he sees her body carried out into an ambulance. As he succumbs to his grief, he texts Betty that he needs her. The episode then ends with him hugging Betty, in tears.
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