Medusa X

Medusa X

Medusa X is a virus created by the pentagon that was used to erase all of MODE's Computer Database.


Medusa X was created by the pentagon. Wilhemina Slater went out with one of the chief officers and in exchange she either recieved or stole it, stating that "imagine the access you have". She got it in case of A depature (firing) from MODE, because if she couldn't run it no one could.

Hiding PlaceEdit

For years the disc was kept in a secret compartment in one of Wilhemina's tables in her office. One could access it by picking up her phone, dialing 0 and placing the phone back. The disc would pop up but could only be unlocked with a special electronic key. Once placed into a computer the password RETAIL was needed to activate the disc..

Destruction of MODE DatabaseEdit

In the Ugly Betty Episode Giving up the Ghost after being unanmiously fired by the Meade family she and Marc traveled back to her office to take her belongings, but she wouldn't go down without a fight. She retrieved the disc using the electronic key which she had hidden in Marcs wallet so she wouldn't be traced to the Virus. Minutes later she loaded the virus into MODE's network using the password RETAIL and deleted all files in the database which also shut down the power in the MODE office as it is run by the Computer system.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Logo of Medusa X is the Versace Logo with Wilhelmina's Head in place of the gypsy womans'.

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