Leah Stillman
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Leah Stillman is a lawyer who helps the Suarez family, or so Hilda thought. She befriended Hilda by claiming to be a lawyer's assistant, and also promised to help with her father. However Betty was suspicous of her, after Gina warns her that she's been scamming others. Wondering if its true, Betty does some investigation by visiting the last person Leah saw, a woman who was promised that she would get her children back but never did. But before Betty can say anything about giving Leah money, she finds out Hilda has already paid her. Angry she confronts Leah about the woman, but Leah quickly twists her words around to disprove Betty's claim. After Hilda convinces Betty to trust her, Hilda invites her to Thanksgiving dinner. But several hours later, Hilda soon realizes that Betty was right. Leah never showed up or answered her phone, she had scammed Hilda out of thousands of dollars when Leah promised to help out with Ignacio's immigration troubles.
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