Hello Goodbye
14th April 2010
Victor Nelli Jr.
Silvio Horta
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Betty (America Ferrera) is worried about how Daniel (Eric Mabius) will take the news that she is leaving MODE for a new job in London. Marc St. James (Michael Urie) overhears Betty talking about her new job and sends a mass text to everyone in the building. Daniel reveals to Betty that he knows about her new job and tells her he's fine about it. However, he later burns her contract release form and tells her that he is angry that she is leaving.Claire then comfronts him about his feeling for betty.Daniel then offers Betty a promotion, which she turns down. Daniel doesn't turn up to her farewell party and Betty says goodbye to her family. She runs into Daniel in London and he asks her to dinner. Betty then jokingly asks if he needs a job as she's looking for a new assistant and Daniel tells her that he might submit his resume.

At the same time, Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) is in a coma from being shot by Tyler (Neal Bledsoe). Claire Meade (Judith Light) is the only witness and a possible suspect. When she wakes up, she is visited by Connor Owens (Grant Bowler), who tells her that he can't live without her. Upon leaving the hospital, Wilhelmina holds a press conference and tells the reporters that she shot herself accidentally. Claire thanks her for not mentioning Tyler and Wilhelmina tells her that they are now good. Daniel later tells Wilhelmina that he's stepping down as editor of MODE and gives her his job.

Hilda (Ana Ortiz) and Bobby (Adam Rodríguez) tell Betty that they are looking for an apartment in Manhattan, but Hilda worries that their father, Ignacio (Tony Plana) will be lonely without them. Bobby eventually tells him that he and Hilda are moving out and Ignacio reassures them that he is happy to live alone. Marc receives a promotion and a second chance with Troy (Matt Newton). Amanda (Becki Newton) finds out that Spencer (Bryan Batt) is her father and confronts him. Spencer tells Amanda that he knew she was his daughter when he hired her to be his stylist and they embrace.

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