Alone in the office, Marc and Amanda start dressing up and imitating Betty and Daniel -- with unexpected results!


  • Amanda imitates Betty as a joke.
  • Marc imitates Daniel as a joke.
  • A noise is heard causing both to leg it.


At 12:30 AM, Marc and Amanda enter the workplace, after attending an event ceremony. It is mentioned that Amanda tried to act as Britney Spears. Both don't bring or have much money and don't have a place to stay at, so Amanda decides to steal Betty's "subway tokens".

Upon opening Betty's drawer, she finds her extra pair of glasses in a case marked "spare glasses". She takes them and places them on, and asks Marc who she looked like, in which he replies "Amanda in ugly glasses". She takes Betty's poncho from the clothes rack and wears it, and then takes a yellow sheet of paper and writes "Gwadalaharahh" on it. Marc then immediately recognizes who suppose to be and remarks she "really look like her". Amanda proceeds on to imitate betty.

At 12:32 AM, it's Marc's "turn" to imitate Daniel. He puts on Daniel's suit and with Amanda, they both create a dialogue in person. When they hug, Amanda says "Oh Daniel, why don't you call me anymore?" Marc shakes her off and says it's him

At 13:34 AM. bang is heard in the distance. They both run in different directions. Marc manages to get away, while Amanda still wearing Betty's glasses bumps into a glass-paned wall.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Ho-la, my name-o is Betty Suarez."

- Amanda Tanen

"Hello, I'm Daniel Meade. I enjoy women who don't wear much clothes and women who don't talk very much... and beer." "Oh Daniel, how's your day going? Umm... Do you need a pep talk?" "Oh why, yes Betty, I do. How did you know I almost lost the company today?" "Because Daniel, you almost lost the company everday that ends in day, sometimes even Sunday and we don't work Sundays 'cos you're so talented, a-ha."

- Marc, Amanda

Character appearancesEdit



  • The outfit (poncho and glasses) Amanda puts on is the clothing Betty first wore on her first day at Mode. (The Box And The Bunny).
  • The title and Amanda's written note "Gwadalaharahh" is a reference to the episode, A Tree Grows In Guadalajara.
  • The "Bunny" that Amanda refers to as Betty's best friend is the pink bunny from The Box and the Bunny.
  • Amanda has imitated Betty in Season 1's episode Queens For A Day as well as pronouncing "hola" in English phoneticism.
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