Gina Gambarro
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Gina is a single woman of Italian and Hispanic descent who lives next door to the Suarez family. She has a reputation for stealing guys from other women and then using them to get what she wants, only to dump them later. She also spent some time in juvenile detention as a teen and often uses her petty-crime reputation to her advantage. Gina also has a beef with the Suarez sisters. Betty blames Gina for causing her break-up with then-boyfriend Walter. She would later learn that Gina just used him to get a TV set Betty would later indirectly break (resulting in Gina stealing the "book" for MODE to try to force Betty to give her $4,000 to cover the cost). Hilda simply doesn't like Gina and would like nothing more than to fight her if she messes with The Suarez family. We find out later Hilda stole Gina's routine in a Miss Teen Queens pageant, and won. They also have a seasonal rivalry during the Christmas season which involves destroying decorations, upsetting Hilda's son Justin and father Ignacio. In the first season, it was these series of events providing contention between Hilda and Gina. In addition, she knew about Ignacio's immigration troubles and was the one who warned Betty about Leah Stillman, the scam artist who claimed to be a lawyer. Eventually after the Christmas melee both Gina and Hilda buried the hatchet and became friends. AT one point Hilda was even thinking of replacing Betty with Gina as the maid of honor after they got stranded at a bus stop while they were in Mexico. In the second season, it was learned Gina left Queens to marry a wealthy chiropractor Larry Goldfarb. This latest turn of events restarted the rivalry between Gina and Hilda, who discovers Gina is one of her clients at her beauty parlor. When Gina returned, she boasted her husband had pampered her with the finest clothes and other necessities, a move prompting Hilda to raid "The Closet" at Mode. When Hilda showed off her designs to Gina, she learned Gina's were fakes and her husband was never wealthy. This caused Gina to leave the salon visibly upset. Her husband tells Hilda off for being mean to Gina.
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