Amanda teaches Marc how to bowl before his bowling date with Cliff.


  • Marc is going on a bowling date with Cliff.
  • Amanda shows him the ropes to becoming good at bowling.


At 8:35 P, Marc finds Amanda sitting behind the reception desk and asks how her day was. She replies that it is the "easiest day ever" as she had recieved "zero phone calls". Marc looks at the phone and points out that it is not connected. Amanda now realizes and understands why she couldn't get back to her masseuse earlier.

Amanda asks why Marc is there as she had seen Wilhemina leave earlier. Marc tells her that he is going on a bowling date with Cliff. Amanda informs him that she used to be taught by her mother, and that
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she'll teach him.

Firstly, she sets out spray cans as bowling pins. Secondly, she looks for a stubstitute for a bowling ball and asks Marc what he wants to use a ball, prompting Marc brings out a mini disco ball from his bag. Surprised, she takes his bag away to check its content, she finds a rollar skate and pink shorts. Thirdly, she proceeds to show him her bowling technique.

After Marc's numerous failed attempts, she finally gives him an exercise ball to which he rolls and achieves a strike. As the ball is still continuing rolling, they hear it hit into a glass material in the distance causing whatever it is to break. There is a continuance of damage heard as well. They both, once again, run away together.


  • Amanda
  • Marc



  • Cliff was Marc's boyfriend for awhile in Season 3.
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