• MattyKardashian
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  • MattyKardashian


    February 14, 2016 by MattyKardashian

    What is your username? MattyKardashian

    Please link to the wiki here:

    How many edits have you made on that wiki? 150+ as i've made a new account in 2012, before then i had made many.

    How many days/months have you been editing there? Since 2012

    On the Special Pages → Special:ListAdmins when was the last time an admin edited, and who was it? Dr Sonya in 2012

    Any other information: I edited little on the Ugly Betty wikia in 2012, i was just starting out, and since then my editing skills have taken off on many wikias. I then came back to Ugly Betty Wikia and noticed how dead it was, with only one admin who hasn't edited since 2012. I would like to have the Admin rights to help me edit and clean up the wiki even more. I'm alrea…

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  • HenryAforever90

    My Life

    November 29, 2012 by HenryAforever90

    Hi I would like to tell you all about myself and what I do so be anything when I grow up. well My name is Amanda and like animals, library's because it's my life. So could me to say how much enjoy having a good time that i have. But inside of me alway's believe, turstworthy a really great friend to everyone

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  • Dr. Sonya

    Active Users?!?!!?

    May 6, 2012 by Dr. Sonya

    are there ANY ACITVE USERS ON HERE?!?!??!

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  • A FANDOM user

    I miss Ugly Betty terribly, what an absolutely great show!! Great Cast, Great Plots, Great Music... what a shame. There was HOPE for a Movie, but now hear that this is not in the works ?? If any of the Producers or Writers may notice this blog... Please consider a MOVIE... If Sex In The City can do it why can't you ???? I would love to know what happens between Betty and Daniel in England ?? There are still loose ends to tie up !!! I WOULD LIKE ONE THING ONLY FOR CHRISTMAS... To Hear That An Ugly Betty Movie will happen ! I watch the reruns every day on TV and Thank God for the BOXED DVD Sets which I watch almost every night !

    Miss You Betty and Crew... The BEST Crew ever on TV.

    The Best Show Ever on TV !!

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  • Chelsea3411


    I really like Amanda because of her fashion sense and her really cool ways. Her and Marc are besties forever and I love watching all the episodes again and again! They are all amazing!!

    Also, if you go onto youtube or something and type in mode after hours, it features Marc and Amanda after hours and getting into all sorts of different trouble and adventure!! Haha!! I always laugh my head off!

    Works as the receptionist at Mode.


    Amanda's bestie and takes pictures of Betty everyday and puts them onto a website. He started taking them ever since Betty came to Mode, but she never knew till later when Daniel told her!!

    Wilhelmina's assistant. He loves her really and they mostly do things ilegal!!


    Doesn't really have much fashion se…

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