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{{Character Infobox
|image = [[File:450px-Betty Suarez.jpg|250px]]
|portrayer = [[America Ferrera]]
|jobs = Assistant to Editor-in-Chief for [[Mode]]<br>Features Editor for [[Mode]]|first seen = [[Pilot]]
|last seen = [[Hello Goodbye]]
|episode count = 85
|seasons = [[Season 1|S1]] - [[Season 2|S2]] - [[Season 3|S3]] - [[Season 4|S4]]
'''Beatriz U.''' "'''Betty'''" '''Suarez''', born April 1984, is the bright, over-qualified, personal assistant to editor-in-chief of Mode magazine [[Daniel Meade]]. Betty lives in the Jackson Heights neighbourhood in Queens, New York with her father [[Ignacio Suarez]], her sister, [[Hilda Suarez]] and her son, Betty's nephew [[Justin Suarez]]. Betty works at MODE to achieve her dream and be able to publish her own magazine.
==='''[[Season 1]]'''===
{{Image|width=200|alignment=left|image=101poncho.jpg|caption=The poncho of Betty. {{E|Pilot}}}}Betty arrives at Mode for her first day of work, in a very colorful uniform. She is greeted by the receptionist, [[Amanda Tanen]]. Amanda leads Betty to [[Daniel Meade]] with a snippy attitude and then leaves. Inside the conference room, Betty meets Daniel and tells him she will be working for him now. Daniel wanting a new and hotter receptionist, thinks of every possible way to try and get Betty to quit. In the end of the episode, Daniel realizes that Betty might not be so bad after all and they work side-by-side. {{E|Pilot}}
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