Archie Rodriguez
Council Member
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"Season 3"
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"Season 4"
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Hilda ex. girlfriend
Hilda met council member Archie Rodriguez on 2008's historic election day. He had come into her salon for a haircut, for which she was giving a 10% discount to customers wearing an "I voted" sticker. They got off to a rocky start after she revealed to him that she didn't have a business license, which he pointed out is illegal. He made amends by finding a legal loophole for her. Sensing the fireworks, Hilda's family members later conspired to fix the two up on a date. The two eventually became closer and began to date seriously. However, things began to dissolve between them when Hilda's ex-boyfriend Bobby Talerico came back into the picture. When he admitted he still had feelings for her, Hilda began to doubt her relationship with Archie and eventually cheated on him with Bobby. Things got more complicated when Hilda discovered she was pregnant. The problem was she wasn't sure if the baby was Archie's or Bobby's. But given the timing, it's most likely Bobby's, but Archie knows about neither her unfaithfulness nor her pregnancy. But he breaks up with Hilda, leaving her free to go back to Bobby.[[Category:Season 4 Char
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